2014 Calendar of Events

January 19         Music games (card/board) for use in the music lesson with Drema Chuang

February 23       Pre-concert discussion facilitated by Dr. Carla Dodek/attended Murray Perahia Piano Recital at the Chan Centre

March 30           Duet Literature for Beginner to Intermediate Students with Dr. Carla Dodek

April 27              Master Class for STA members with Bernard Duerksen

May 11                STA Recital at the Vancouver Unitarian Church

June 1                 The Use of Music Therapy in Brain Injury Recovery with Katherine Wright

September 28    Financial advice on running a music studio including accounting and taxes with Nicholas Tong

October 19         “Objects and Observations” with Ailsa Zaenker

November 23    Baroque Dance workshop with Catherine Lee

December 7       Schools of Piano Technique with Dr. Carla Dodek


2013 Calendar of Events

January 13         Building a record library with Ed Savenye, co-owner of Sikora's Records

February 24       Treating and preventing practice and/or playing related injuries David Vandereyk

April 7               On decoding jazz notation and transitioning from Classical to Jazz playing styles with Boris Favre

May 19              Master Class with Rena Sharon

May 26              STA Recital at the Vancouver Unitarian Church

June 9                Feldenkrais workshop with Sarah Templeton

September 29    Teaching and Ethics with Dr. Carla Dodek

October 20        Comparing Studio Policies

November 17    Incorporating Composition into the Piano Lesson with Iman Habibi

December 8       Music Games with Drema Chuang followed by a potluck dinner


2012 Calendar of Events

January 16         Tour of the VSO School of Music

February 26       Interactive Pedagogy Session

March 25           French Music and Performance Practices with Dr. Carla Dodek

April 29             The use of social networking in running and promoting a music with Dr. Stan Shaw, founder of Corban Technology Solutions Inc.

May 20              Master class with Dr. Terence Dawson

June 17              STA recital for members and their students at the Vancouver Unitarian Church

September 23    Exploring different pedagogical approaches to current teaching repertoire through teaching demonstrations with Dr. Carla Dodek

October 18        Tour of the Sarah McLaughlin School of Music led by Kevan Ellis, Coordinator of Instruction and Professional Development

December 9       On memorization with Dr. Carla Dodek



2011 Calendar of Events

January 30         Met the representative of the Piano Teachers Federation to establish a relationship with them and their services of free advertising for teachers, piano sales and service, free recital space, and we heard more about what other ties they hope to create. The piano technician from Pacey's Pianos spoke about the basic mechanics of pianos - an essential for any pianist

February 27       Kodaly Workshop with Connie More

March 6             Tour of Paula McLaughlin's teaching studio where she has incorporated the use of computers.

April 24             Master Class with Dr. Carla Dodek

May 29              STA RECITAL at the Masonic Hall for STA members and their students

June 5                Presentation of the Associated Board from the Royal Schools of Music syllabus with Patricia Rolston, Canadian representative for the ABRSM

September 23    A survey of Adult Method Books at Long and McQuade

October 9          Orff workshop with Tonia Allen

November 6      On How Boys and Girls Learn Differently with Bruce Ivany

December 11     Alexander Technique workshop with Heather Walker


2010 Calendar of Events

January 24         Baroque Ornamentation with Martha Brickman

March 28           STA meeting

April 25             Common Problems in Teaching with Mary Tickner

May 16              The Kelly Kirby Method with Aline Banno

May 30              Recital at the Vancouver Unitarian Church featuring STA members and their students

June 13              Sushi year-end dinner

September 12    Identifying and addressing psychological disorders in children - presented by psychologist, Simone Leung

October 3          Body Mapping workshop presented by Kerry Travers - a collaboration with the RMT parent branch and the UBC School of Music organized by the STA

November 7      How to Prepare Your Students to Achieve a First Class Performance -What Examiners are Listening For presented by RCM examiner, Marilyn Glazer

December 12     Baroque and Other Ornamentation with Dr. Carla Dodek