2009 Calendar of Events

January 25         "How Music Heals the Brain" with Katherine Wright from GF Strong

February 8         Sasha Starcevich on teaching different styles (i.e.Baroque, Classical, Romantic...)

February 15-16  Nadia Lasserson workshop and masterclass

March 8              Murray Nichol on teaching ear-training and sight-reading

April 26              Ron Morgan on what an examiner is listening for

May 24               Recital for members and their students

June 7                Alice Enns on setting up a studio

September 21    Exploring Method Books/Choosing Editions with Christie Smith and Bob Kohl from Long and McQuade

October 18        Musical Career Paths - Beyond the Teaching Studio with guest panelists, Grant Rowledge (producer and recording engineer for CBC), David Duke (music critic, educator and composer) and Jeff Alexander (president and CEO of the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra), co-sponsored with the Vancouver Branch

November 8      The Dalcroze Method - workshop on movement to explore music making with Dalcroze expert, Deborah Young co-sponsored with UBC and the Vancouver Branch

December 9       Working with musicians with physical disabilities - an introduction to the Adapted Music Society including a visit to the GF Strong recording studio presented by music therapist, Sheila Lee.



2008 Calendar of Events

January 27         Stephen Chatman presented a workshop on his piano music entitled “Approaches to Composition and Related Performance Practice”

February 17       The STA joined the parent branch at Marienne Uszler’s workshop.

March 30           Comprehensive tour of the Canadian Music Centre with Colin Miles and an informal recital of Canadian music played by members of the STA on Murray Adaskin’s piano. The STA made a donation to the CMC in for Colin Miles’ immense generosity of his time and expertise.

May 4                “Teaching Piano to Adults” presented by Dr. Carla Dodek

June 26              STA members met at the new Long and McQuade conference room to critique beginner method books. An informal dinner followed at a restaurant to discuss ideas further.

September 21    Our first meeting after the summer break when the year’s events were planned. We welcomed one new member.

October 19        Ailsa Zaenker presented a workshop on collaborative piano.

November 16    Anne-Elise Keefer presented a workshop on the Suzuki Method.

December 21     Sasha Starcevich was scheduled to speak on teaching different styles (i.e. Baroque, Classical, Romantic). This meeting was cancelled due to snow and is rescheduled for February 8.


2007 Calendar of Events

January 25-27    STA to attend Cassard masterclasses and recital at UBC

February 25       Mary Tickner presented a workshop on teaching jazz

March 4             Wendy Guimont, BC representative for Music for Young Children, gave a presentation on MYC

March 25           Nancy Sicsic, registered Alexander Technique instructor, gave a workshop on the Alexander Technique and how it relates to piano playing

April 29             Paula Wise, violinist/registered therapist, spoke on performance anxiety

September 9      Members met after a summer break to plan upcoming events. There was a short discussion on different teaching styles including differences between teaching children and teaching adults. This topic will be elaborated on at a later date.

October 28        Recommended Readings and Reference Materials – each member brought a selection of pedagogical reference materials ( Uszler, Bastien, Lewis etc) and interesting readings about music (Oliver Sacks, Daniel Levitan) to share and critique

November 25    Paula Wise spoke on how we, as teachers, transfer our ideas and values to our students from a psychological perspective

December 9       Studio management workshop at the studio of John Dupuis


2006 Calendar of Events

January 29         A meeting was held at Daisy Chu’s house. Murray Nichol presented a talk and initiated discussion on “Preparing Students for RCM Examinations – What constitutes a performance graded as pass, honours, first class honours and first class honours with distinction?”

February 26       Tara Wohlberg spoke on Canadian Music

March 26           Mary Tickner spoke on Beginner Method Books

April 23             Masterclass given to STA members on advanced repertoire by Dr. Carla Dodek

May 28              Discussion of beginner and intermediate duet literature led by Dr. Carla Dodek including a “round robin” reading session

November 5      “Round robin” reading session of beginner and intermediate duet literature part 2, led by Dr. Carla Dodek



2005 Calendar of Events

March 27          AGM held at Christina Cheng’s house. A tentative schedule for the year’s events was put into place.

May 15              Performance class of repertoire performed by students of STA members led by Dr. Carla Dodek

May 29              Scholarship competition held at St. Faith’s Church. Barbara Siemens and  Helen Hall were the adjudicators and a total of 31 students participated in the event. Contact with Tom Lee Music was initiated and gift certificates were donated for first prizes in each category.

October 16        Meeting at Christina Cheng’s house where confirmation of remaining events to take place were made. Dr. Carla Dodek presented the new RCM Piano Pedagogy Syllabus.