• About the Student Teacher Auxiliary (STA)

The Student Teacher Auxiliary (STA) is a vibrant sub-group sponsored by the Vancouver Branch of the BCRMTA. Members are new music teachers who are eager to interact with music professionals in the community. We meet monthly to share teaching ideas and experiences.

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  • Current Members of the STA

Estelle Copery - Piano - 778- 938-8027 - estelle@musicalinvention.ca or Estellechingyi@gmail.com

Madeline Eirikson - Piano - 604-837-8576 - meirikson@gmail.com

Angela Essak - Piano - 604-910-9777 - angela.essak@gmail.com

Brenda Lam - Piano - 780-710-1602 - brenda.nm.lam@gmail.com

Sarah Vanderveen - Piano - 604-783-4609 - sarahvanderveen15@gmail.com

Dan Wang 21523  87B Ave, Langley, BC V1M 2E6