Canada Music Week Mini-Festival 

Sunday November 18, 2018

 Location: Canadian Music Centre at 837 Davie Street, Vancouver

Adjudicator: Lori Elder of Prince George, B.C.


ALL instruments and styles are welcome, as solos or ensembles, as long as the pieces are by a Canadian composer.

The Festival will be open to the students of the Vancouver Branch and Vancouver STA members.

Click here to download the Rules and Regulations. IMPORTANT . . . a copy of this PDF, signed by the teacher, must be included with all Festival submissions.

Click here for the Entry Form, please type all information to ensure accuracy in the program and on the certificates.

Email after September 1 for more information.

Entry Fees
Junior (Levels 1-4)                     $15
Intermediate (Levels 5-8)         $20
Senior (Levels 9-ARCT)             $25

Junior (Levels 1-4)                   $50/$25
Intermediate (Levels 5-8)       $100/$50
Senior (Levels 9-ARCT)          $150/$100