Bursaries are available to assist the students of Vancouver/Burnaby Branch members who show potential in their music studies and who demonstrate a need for financial assistance. The categories and amounts are as follows.

Junior                       Levels 2 – 5                    up to $500

Intermediate             Levels 6 – 8                    up to $750

Senior                     Levels 9 – Diploma        up to $1000

The deadline to apply is May 31st. Applications must be received at 45 Rangelagh Ave, Burnaby, V5B 3N2 before 10:00pm that evening. Click here to download the application package. Contact the Bursary Convenor for more information.

2018 Bursary Winner

Violinist Angeline Kueh has been awarded $500. Best wishes to both her and her teacher, Margitta Krebs.

The Executive would like to thank the Bursary Committee ~ Carol Hung - Bursary Chairperson, Rosie Carver, and Marilyn Glazer ~ for their time and expertise.