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When Robert Schumann published his Album for the Young he intended to include his "Musical Rules for Life and the Home" in the publication. It was not included in the first edition, but did appear in the second edition. There are 68 "rules" and, like Mrs. Curwen's "Maxims" in her 1886 method book, they are surprisingly current and up to date. If you wish to read all 68, they can be found as an appendix in the Wiener Urtext (Schott Universal) edition. For obvious reasons, space will allow only a selection of this great composer's thoughts on music, life and home and my apologies for a bit of judicious editing.

There are many more extended rules that are useful and also interesting in that it gives us insight into a great composer's thinking as to what is relevant and valuable. However, the closing rule is probably the most important one: *There is never an end to learning.*

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